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Records Management

Optimize Your Legal Documents Asset

Damaris RM

Damaris RM is one of best ISO-15489 Records Management standard implementations. It manages your electronic and physical documents’ Life Cycle, from document creation to its destruction.

Records Management approach including physical and electronic documents is the best way to migrate to digital world.

Most Installed Applications

Please find several applications addressed by Damaris RM:

Dématérialisation Bulletins de paie

Pay Slips Elivery and Archiving

Dématérialisation Factures fournisseurs

Accounts Payable Invoices and Related Documents

Dématérialisation des factures clients

Accounts Receivable Invoices and Related documents

Other Applications:

Simple and Efficient Search Engine

Recherches documents

Enter keywords and find your documents

Fast and Simple.

Manage Your Document Types

Damaris Tableau de Gestion

Damaris RM invites you to manage all Legal Document Types you have in charge.

Here are most used Document Types managed by Damaris RM users:

  • Pay Slip
  • Customer Invoice
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Proof Of Delivery

Describe and Manage Your Organization

Hiérarchie de votre organisation

Describe your Company’s Hierarchical Organization (Company and Department Levels). Define your users profile and indicate Access Rights to Documents.

Import users list or synchronize with Microsoft Active Directory.

Archive Your Documents

Cloud Capture des documents

Capture your documents in Damaris RM:

  • Scan documents
    • Multifunction Copier
    • Scanner
    • Service Bureau
  • Existing PDF files Upload
  • Create PDF files from Text, XML or CSV Files
  • Virtual Print in Damaris RM with Damaris Printer
    • New PDF file is automatically created and submitted to Damaris RM

Damaris Printer

Damaris RM New Versions Content

At Damaris, we organize an annual Road Map.

Please find new features delivered for each Damaris RM version:

Version Delivery Date
v7.0.0 15/09/2019
v6.5.0 15/07/2019
v6.4.0 15/05/2019
v5.3.0 15/03/2018
v5.2.0 15/01/2018
v5.1.0 15/11/2017
v5.0.0 15/09/2017
v4.5.0 20/07/2017
v4.4.0 20/05/2017
v 4.3.0 20/03/2017
v 4.2.0 16/01/2017
v 4.1.0 15/09/2016
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