Damaris RM version 6 Available

Damaris RM version 6

Damaris RM version 6 Delivered September 15 2018

We are proud to announce you Damaris RM version 6 availability.

For the fifth year, Damaris Group delivers Damaris RM’s major version each year’s September 15th.

Damaris products Road Map started in 2013 sets a delivery pace of one major and 5 minor versions each year.


What’s New in Damaris RM version 6 ?

Here are the most important new functions integrated in Damaris RM version 6:


PDF integrated Signature ControlFrench Government Invoicing Chorus Pro ConnectorFrench Government Pay Slips Archiving ConnectorGraphic Statistics



  • PDF embeded Electronic Signature Validation
  • Graphic Statistics
  • Manual Tasks Management System
  • Chorus Pro Connector
  • CPA Connector
  • Etc.


How to obtain your Damaris RM version 6 ?

You are Damaris Client. We started a new upgrade and migration program. Please contact us to get your own Damaris RM version 6 software package.

If you already use Damaris RM, you can directly connect to https://extranet.damaris.pro and download your software upgrade.

You use a third party Electronic Document Management Software or Physical Archiving System please contact us to study how to migrate to Damaris RM version 6 and to transfer your documents and data.

Feel free to contact us.


Damaris RM v5

Damaris RM version 5

Most Advanced Records Management Software Damaris RM V5

We are proud to announce the delivery of Damaris RM version 5.

Each year in September, Damaris delivers a new major version including more than 100 new functions and bug fixings.

Damaris RM is the Central Portal of an Ecosystem completed by the following modules:

  • Damaris Mobile
  • Damaris Printer
  • Damaris Scan Manager
  • Damaris Web Services


Damaris RM V5 New Features

2018 is the 29th anniversary of Damaris LDS, our legacy solution.

Here are major new features of Damaris RM v5:

  • New User Experience for Web portal and Mobiles Apps
  • Personal Dashboard
  • FTP / SFTP integrated Server
  • Multiple columns Sorting capability
  • Damaris Dynamic Folder creates unique PDF document from user’s selection
  • “CHAT” between users
  • Performance improvments
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Migration Tool improvments
  • Paypal payment system
  • QR Code reader inside PDF files
  • Data recognition Dictionary for data extraction

And the list continues…

Please find more information here: https://www.damaris.fr/damaris-rm/



OGE Montpellier Chooses Damaris


OGE Montpellier dématérialise documents cadastraux


Expert Surveyors decide to scan all French Territory Survey Documents.

For the third time, Damaris and Scan Concept Group wins the bid.

April 12th 2018, Damaris and OGE Montpellier signed their commitment.

About 750 000 maps will be scanned and will become reachable from Geofoncier French National Portal.



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