Damaris RM version 5

Most Advanced Records Management Software Damaris RM V5

We are proud to announce the delivery of Damaris RM version 5.

Each year in September, Damaris delivers a new major version including more than 100 new functions and bug fixings.

Damaris RM is the Central Portal of an Ecosystem completed by the following modules:

  • Damaris Mobile
  • Damaris Printer
  • Damaris Scan Manager
  • Damaris Web Services


Damaris RM V5 New Features

2018 is the 29th anniversary of Damaris LDS, our legacy solution.

Here are major new features of Damaris RM v5:

  • New User Experience for Web portal and Mobiles Apps
  • Personal Dashboard
  • FTP / SFTP integrated Server
  • Multiple columns Sorting capability
  • Damaris Dynamic Folder creates unique PDF document from user’s selection
  • “CHAT” between users
  • Performance improvments
  • Configuration Wizards
  • Migration Tool improvments
  • Paypal payment system
  • QR Code reader inside PDF files
  • Data recognition Dictionary for data extraction

And the list continues…

Please find more information here: https://www.damaris.fr/damaris-rm/



Damaris RM v5
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