Damaris RM version 6

Damaris RM version 6 Delivered September 15 2018

We are proud to announce you Damaris RM version 6 availability.

For the fifth year, Damaris Group delivers Damaris RM’s major version each year’s September 15th.

Damaris products Road Map started in 2013 sets a delivery pace of one major and 5 minor versions each year.


What’s New in Damaris RM version 6 ?

Here are the most important new functions integrated in Damaris RM version 6:


PDF integrated Signature ControlFrench Government Invoicing Chorus Pro ConnectorFrench Government Pay Slips Archiving ConnectorGraphic Statistics



  • PDF embeded Electronic Signature Validation
  • Graphic Statistics
  • Manual Tasks Management System
  • Chorus Pro Connector
  • CPA Connector
  • Etc.


How to obtain your Damaris RM version 6 ?

You are Damaris Client. We started a new upgrade and migration program. Please contact us to get your own Damaris RM version 6 software package.

If you already use Damaris RM, you can directly connect to https://extranet.damaris.pro and download your software upgrade.

You use a third party Electronic Document Management Software or Physical Archiving System please contact us to study how to migrate to Damaris RM version 6 and to transfer your documents and data.

Feel free to contact us.


Damaris RM version 6 Available
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